Swim & Dive Team Registration

Registration & Required Forms

It is recommended that swimmers and divers register early for Team. Registration will be accepted by the coaches and at the Front Desk until April 31st (Please contact Matt Hayes for registration after that date). Registration requires the following four forms to be completed:

Meet Participation Contract and Meet Timing Contract: Team registration will require both a Meet Participation Contract and a Meet Timing Contract. Parents and Athletes must complete both forms, sign, and return with their team registration. Team Registration will not be accepted without a completed Meet Participation Contract & Meet Timing Contract.

Parents/Athletes wishing to make changes to the meet or timing schedules must notify the coach, in writing, either with a hand-written note or email, one week prior to the meet. The general Aquatics mail address is: tennisclubcoach@gmail.com

Athletes who fail to show up for a meet or notify the coach in advance will be immediately charged a $25 fee.  Parents who fail to show up for a meet they are scheduled to time must pay a $25 service fee.

2016 Swim & Dive Team Rates*
Swim or Dive Team Individual $290
Swim or Dive Team Family $795
Individual Combination Swim AND Dive Team $325
Family Combination Swim AND Dive Team $895

* Registration received on or before April 31, 2016 will automatically be discounted $25.00.

Swim & Dive Team Meet Attendance
Participation in the Salt Lake Swimming & Tennis Club Swim and Dive Team Meets is optional. It is a wonderful opportunity for young athletes to apply their acquired skills, measure their personal improvements, learn lessons of good sportsmanship, develop their character, and have fun. In order to fairly provide this opportunity to each and every swimmer and diver, coaches will enforce the following policies with respect to meet attendance.  Parents/Swimmers/Divers must sign up for ALL meets in advance, including the Conference Championships. We ask parents and swimmers to consider this obligation carefully before registering for the swim team.