Swim and Dive Lessons

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Aquatics Program Mission Statement

The Salt Lake Tennis & Health Club is dedicated to providing a kind, safe, and child friendly environment. Emphasis is placed on fun, sportsmanship, technique, and physical conditioning to promote self esteem and personal improvement.

Aquatics Program Description & Prerequisites for Group Lessons

Group Lessons are two-week structured learning environments, with limited enrollment size. Each class aims to group individuals of like ability and maturity. Class instructors endeavor to engage all the students while ensuring that each and every individual makes progress toward the class objectives.

Swim and Dive Lesson Registration Dates 2017
April 21 – Swim and Dive Lesson Registration open to Members only, 8:00 am
May 5 – Non Member Swim and Dive lesson registration begins, 8:00 am

2017 Group Swim & Dive Lesson Rates

Members: Session I-IV $75 / student per session
Nonmembers: Session I-IV $95 / student per session
Members: Holiday $67.50/student per session
Non-members: Holiday $85.50/student per session
(Payment MUST be made at time of registration.)

Member accounts must be in good standing to register for Swim/Dive Team and/or lessons. Summer programs must be paid in full prior to participation.

2017 Group Swim & Dive Registration Forms

Summer Swimming 2017 Summer Diving 2017

2017 Group Swim & Dive Lesson Session Dates

Session I: June 5 – June 16

Session II: June 19 – June 30

Session III: July 3 – July 14*

Session IV: July 17 – July 28*

Session V: July 31 – August 11

*Please note there will be no group lessons on July 4th and July 24th. Classes may be consolidated and times subject to change due to low enrollment.

Parent/Tot Group Activity – This group activity will focus on acclimating children under 3 years of age to the water as well as introducing an instructor to learn trust through play. The objectives of this class are to learn to have fun and be comfortable in the water while learning basic skills. *Swim diaper required.*

Class size: 3

Tots Group Lesson — Tots introduces young children to group lessons and promotes a comfortable relationship with the water while having fun and learning basic skills.

Prerequisite: A mature child 2-3 years of age. Swimming diapers are required.
Class size: 3

Beginner Group Lesson — teaches children the basics of swimming. The front and back float are taught and the use of arms and legs to swim a short distance.

Prerequisite: Mature children 3-6 years of age with limited experience in the water.
Class size: 5

Advanced Beginner Group Lesson — teaches children the front crawl with rhythmic side breathing and the unassisted back float.

Prerequisite: Children 4-8 years of age who can float in the prone position and swim a short distance with arms.
Class size: 5

Intermediate Group Lesson — refines a swimmer’s front crawl with side breathing and the back float with backstroke arms. Swimmers may learn a shallow dive entry from the pool edge.

Prerequisites: Children who can swim the width of the pool and float on their back unassisted.
Class size: 5

Stroke Development Group Lesson — teaches the correct stroke mechanics of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers may also learn a shallow entry dive from the standard starting blocks. This class is recommended for those interested in competitive swimming.

Prerequisites: Children who can swim the 25 yard length of the pool freestyle with rhythmic breathing and backstroke.
Class size: 5

Competitive Techniques Group Lesson — this class focuses on high level elements of competitive swimming, strokes, starts, turns, and underwater efficiency. This class is strongly recommended for swim team members.

Prerequisites: Swimmers proficient in each of the four strokes and previous exposure to starts and turns.
Class size: 5

Beginner Diving Group Lesson — an introduction to springboard diving. The approach and basic body position will be stressed while learning fundamental dives. Divers receive specific instructions and timely direction toward their diving goals.

Prerequisite: No experience necessary (Diver should be able to recover from dive and comfortably swim short distance to side of pool.)
Class size: 8

Advanced Beginner Diving Group Lesson — Designed to hone diving fundamentals and introducing the diver to somersaults, twisting, reverse, and inward dives. Recommended for diver’s interested in Diving Team.Divers receive specific instruction and timely direction toward general competitive diving objectives.

Prerequisites: Divers 17 years of age and under with the ability to execute two of the five basic dives (front, back, reverse, inward, and twist.)
Class size: 8

Private Lessons

A 30 to 60 minute ‘One-on-One’ learning experience with any coach or instructor. The goal and objective of a private lesson may be uniquely tailored to each individual. Private Lessons may be scheduled directly with the coach or instructor of your choice.

Make-Up Group Lessons

Make-Up lessons will only be offered if classes are canceled for any reason.

Cancellation Policy & Prorates

All cancellations must be made at least TWO weeks prior to each session to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after the first day of each session will not be refunded. Cancellations must be made by notifying the class instructor AND the Front Desk.