SLTHC Performance Lab and BridgeAthletic

Salt Lake Tennis and Health, along with our Performance Lab, is now using the BridgeAthletic platform to create and deliver custom programs to our members. With programs delivered directly to your phone, your workout schedule can now be flexible. Workout plans are designed to reduce injury risk, improve movement, and prepare you for whatever life throws your way. Join us for 1-1 training in person or remote so we can start accomplishing your goals, together.

When you sign up for a personal, or group training program, BridgeAthletic is one of the benefits of those programs. Your training coach will guide you through setting up your Bridge App and create an ongoing program specifically designed for you!

What is BridgeAthletic?

Features and Benefits

Train From Anywhere

Train remotely or in-house with the BridgeTracker app. Customized programs built out by our team will be delivered directly to your phone or tablet. Each program will contain video tutorials and instructions to walk you step by step through exercises for the same results as 1-1 training.

Track Everything

You will have access to all your exercise history, performance gains, and daily readiness to monitor your own growth. But you aren’t in this alone, weekly engagement emails will be sent out so we can track your progress together.

Seamless Communication

In-app communication will ensure nothing is lost with distance. Use BridgeAthletic’s Team Stream to direct message your trainer with any questions, comments or updates. Keep the conversation going by leaving a note, video, or photo attached to exercises so your trainer can assess the form and answer questions.

BridgeAthletic and Salt Lake Performance Lab

Our Salt Lake Performance Lab is THE BEST TRAINING available for our members and guests. When you sign up for a one on one training package or a small group training package, you also will be given access to the BridgeAthletic App. Your training coach will design workouts specific to your goals which you can access through the BridgeAthletic App.

Can I use the BridgeAthletic App and not purchase a training package?


If you are a DIY’er when it comes to fitness, have a schedule that doesn’t work well for a training class, would like to workout at home some days, but would like the guidance of a training program designed specifically for YOU, then ask about our REMOTE TRAINING option.

Our remote training is $250.00 per month and requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment.

You must schedule one session a month – via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or in person – with your trainer, so they may reassess goals, adjust the workouts and programming of the BridgeAthletics App to coincide with your progress.