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Here are the benefits you’ll receive by keeping your membership dues current:

  • Use of the tennis courts and opportunity for tennis lessons at regular prices.
  • Online Group exercise classes: These are posted on the Facebook pages for SLTHC members. All classes are available live, as well as recorded to be viewed at a later date.
  • Four free guest passes for members who agree to pay their May dues (restrictions apply).

In going over our budget for the next three months, we have a good idea of how much cash we will need through July. We have set a goal of having 75% of our monthly dues-paying members continuing to remain active going forward as of May 1st. If you have already contacted our memberships department with your preference for how you want to address your monthly dues, then there is no reason to respond below. We know our members are in different financial circumstances and any amount you would like to pay as your monthly dues on May 1, would be much appreciated.

Please use the form below to select an option for your dues. Remember: If we do NOT hear from you, we will NOT charge you for May.

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