Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club Updated Covid Policies and Procedures

November 9, 2020

We are all painfully aware that Covid infections are increasing dramatically in Utah that has resulted in the Governor declaring a state of emergency . The Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club’s mission is to support the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community. Our club is a business that is committed to `beating this virus’ and we will do everything we can to end this pandemic. Fortunately, health and tennis clubs around the nation have only one documented case of being a spreader of the virus (a very small gym in Colorado) and our club has not had a known case of someone getting the virus at our club. Working together we can win this battle, but it will take everyone working together to end this pandemic.

Our club endeavors to be part of the solution and to do all we can to create a safe and healthy community for everyone. We welcome any thoughts you might have regarding how we can make our club safer and encourage our community to take the relatively easy steps required to `beat the virus’. Other nations have eliminated the virus and certainly Utah and the USA can do this too.

Updated Safety Required Policies and Protocols

• We require face masks to be worn at all times in the Club unless you are working out strenuously or playing tennis.

• Please eat any food up in the Cafe area, socially distant from anyone else who is eating in the Cafe.

• We strongly encourage you to sanitize your hands when you come into the Club and when you leave the Club. We provide sanitizer on the wall when you enter and leave the Club and on the front desk counter.

• We ask that you sanitize any workout equipment before and after use. We provide Vital Oxide in spray bottles and gym wipes for your use.

If you have tested positive for Covid you need to do the following:

  • Inform Karen Sato, the club General Manager immediately and begin the Contact Tracing process.
  • You must quarantine for the full 14 days, have no symptoms, and test negative before you can come back to the Club and participate in your club activities.

If you have experienced two or more Covid symptoms for three days or more, you need to get tested before you can enter the club.

You must quarantine for the full 14 days or receive a negative test before coming back to the Club and participating in any activities if you have been exposed to any of the following people for over 15 minutes who tested positive for Covid:

• Family members or people living in your home

• Friends or neighbors

• Fellow workers or other professional relationships

Court Usage

When using the tennis courts at SLTHC below are the guidelines for everyone is required to adopt:

  • Masks are mandatory in all general areas of the facility. Masks are not necessary when playing tennis, but must be worn at all other times when at SLTHC. When heading to the court or leaving the court and in the building, bathrooms or walkways, please ensure your mask is on!
  • All members and guests MUST stay six feet from the person/people you are playing with – this is very important! SLTHC strongly encourages you to keep your distance on changeovers, and when entering or exiting the court
  • Washing and sanitizing your hands before and after you play or workout is vitally important
  • When you enter the court you have reserved please do not walk on the court until the time you have reserved in order to avoid bumping into people during the transition. If you are playing on indoor courts, push the backdrop/curtain open with your elbow or racket to enter the court so you won’t be getting too close to players finishing their play.
  • When you are finished with your court time, please leave the court promptly so that the next players can enter the court without getting too close to you.
  • If you know that the court before you or after you is not booked then the transition can be more flexible.

Group Activity, Clinics, Private Lessons and Court Reservations

When using the tennis courts at SLTHC below are the guidelines for everyone is required to adopt:All junior and adult groups and clinics will be proceeding as normal. There are some minor changes and restrictions to adhere to and these will remain in place until further notice or direction from the Utah Health Department.

  • This includes the following Adult Programs:
    • All clinics (morning and evening)
  • This includes the following junior programs:
    • National Group or Junior National Group
    • Academy
    • ROG Program
    • High School
  • Limitations and restrictions include:
      • A limited number of people per court
      • Masks at all times except when actively playing on the tennis court
      • Absolutely no gathering or congregating – drink breaks need to be taken apart from opponents and fellow players
      • Coaches and staff will guide and direct you should you have any concerns
  • Private lessons are able to continue as usual
  • Semi-private or private group lessons will be arranged by each pro

Please note: the fitness for tennis junior programs (Academy group 5:30-6pm and National group 6-6:30pm) will be on hold for the next two week period until Nov 23rd.

UTR Match Play at SLTHC

UTR match play will continue under the same guidelines and restrictions as we have been following. Jackie Parker and her team will be communicating more details to anyone involved.

10 and Unter Tennis Guidelines

  • All students when entering the bubble must wear masks until placed on court dots that have been set 6’ apart.
  • All Parents observing in the bubble must wear masks at all times.
    All coaches will use yellow strips or tennis dots to ensure that the class is taught with what we call “order on the court”. All students always remain 6’ apart with no exceptions. Safety takes first priority; tennis learning takes second priority.
  • “Order on the court” includes organization when it comes to grabbing balls from the baskets. Coaches can use extra buckets and storage bins to ensure students stay 6’ away when grabbing balls to hit.
  • All coaches will put masks on when approaching students within 6 feet.
  • When exiting the bubble, all students and parents will be directed on how and where to exit the bubble.
  • Parents pick up all students on time. No lingering.
  • Coaches have spray bottles and spray baskets, cones, storage baskets and strips and dots after every class and at the end of all classes for the day.

Community Safety Protocols

You must quarantine for the full 14 days or receive a negative test before coming back to the Club and participating in any activities if you have been exposed to any of the following people for over 15 minutes who tested positive for Covid:

Our club is dedicated to `beating the virus’ and we encourage everyone to follow the protocols listed above and in addition to do the following in your daily life to ensure that we all are protected:
Wear a mask whenever you are out in public.

Keep a minimum of six feet away from all people not in your family

Get a Flu Shot which will make your life safer and ensure you won’t get the flu and then potentially take up another hospital bed.

Take a Covid test

Do everything you can to avoid parties over 8 people.

If you come to the club with another family, please wear a mask the whole time you are in the car.

If you travel to a foreign nation or state that has very high infection rates, please do not come into the club until you have been quarantined for two weeks or have received a negative Covid test two days or less after you have returned to Utah.

Thank you,

SLSTC Management

Please Contact Us If You Have
Any Questions