Group Fitness Classes Now available!

Check out our Fitness Class Calendar for our group exercise schedule. Please check back periodically as the schedule may change.

Please arrive on time for class. If you are a first-time participant, please arrive early and let the instructor know.


This high-energy hybrid class gives you a little bit of everything: Yoga flow, total body strength (utilizing body-weight, kettlebells and dumbbells), and high-intensity cardio bursts. Set to a great playlist, this class torches calories, and improves strength, balance and flexibility.

This total-body class sculpts your arms, tightens your thighs, strengthens your core and gives your booty a boost. Utilizing small weights, thera-bands, gliders and a ballet barre, this class gives your muscles maximum time under tension for maximum results.

This circuit class uses all of the toys in the toy box such as TRX, bosu balls, kettlebells, agility ladders and our own bodies. This is an interval-based resistance training class with opportunities to elevate the heart rate and create a greater metabolic burn. CYCLE
Strength, speed, endurance, POWER, our expert instructors will guide you through various terrains and training zones to maximize your caloric burn, and increase your overall fitness level. 45 and 60 minute rides available.

Take cycling to a whole new level. This non-traditional ride includes a thumpin’ playlist, high intensity interval drills, and incorporates upper body strength training using light dumbbells and high repetition. Set to the beat of the music, this workout is a party on your bike and will leave you feeling energized. DISCLAIMER: This class features loud music & music videos that may contain PG-13 material.

A slower Vinyasa flow focusing on proper alignment for stretching and increasing flexibility. A class heavy on instruction, adjustments and deep stretching, using blocks and straps.

Our training protocol is broad, general and inclusive of ALL exercise techniques, standards and protocols. Here you will participate in bodybuilding, weight lifting, power lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, isometrics, athletic training, sprint training and every other type of exercise.

For more information on GPP training…

This is a quick, 30 minute strength class with an emphasis on all things core.

HIIT (30 and 60 minute options)
HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This total body conditioning class will push your limits and increase your overall level of fitness.

This class focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Designed for all levels of experience, students learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core.

Phunk Fit is musicality, style, progression and HIIT training all rolled into one!
Hip Hop, House, Trap, Dancehall and R&B. You’ll leave with a killer workout and feeling like a true dancer!

Our power classes are dynamic and challenging. A combination of flowing movements linked with breath and longer, deeper holds, this class is challenging but accessible for all levels. Sequences and styles will vary based on instructor.

Help build strength, increase flexibility and find focus. Classes are diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy.

Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music and dance that creates a FUN, dynamic, and effective fitness system. “Don’t try Zumba unless you plan on doing it for life!”

For more information on any of the classes please call the front desk: 801.487.3206