GPP Fitness

Introducing a Revolutionary New Fitness Program

Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

SLTH offers GPP Fitness at no charge to all members. This program was developed by Neil Anderson, our Fitness Director, and GPP has caught on like wildfire.

GPP offers the following benefits to our members:

  • Every Day Physical Preparedness – It is designed to train members to be healthy and strong at a level that supports what you do in your life–it’s not about being the best in the nation but about being alive and vibrant every day of your life!
  • Cross Training – It trains you in a well-rounded way where every area of physical health is covered–cardio, strength, agility, flexibility, and more.
  • Time-Saver – 30-40 minutes a day gives you a strong baseline workout to start or end your exercise routine
  • Four Strengths Focus – All four of the basic strength exercies are covered in the GPP during the course of a week–Push, Pull, Core, and Squat! This simplified approach to strength training makes it easy to grasp and to incorporate into your exercise routine!
  • A Doable Expansion of Your Fitness Program – A perfect add-on to active tennis players, cyclists, runners, yoga practitioners, and others who want a time-saving program that effectively completes your overall exercise program.
  • Customized for You – Participants in GPP do the class at their own pace and with their own level of intensity. The GPP Trainer has a wide variety of options for a particular exercise that efficiently and effectively work for you.
  • Fits Your Personal Schedule – Three-four classes will be offered on Monday-Friday and two on Saturday. All classes on the same day have the same set of exercises. You can workout one day a week or six days a week – whatever number of days you do will be of benefit and of course the more the merrier!
  • Promotes Consistency – Because the classes are short and so many classes offered each day it makes it easy to be consistent.
  • Everyone Can Join in the Fun – All ages, abilities, and genders can do each class at the same time. It’s perfect for working out with your friends and building community. It’s not unusual to see families come to a class together at our Salt Lake club.
  • Holistic and Comprehensive – The weekly set of classes are designed to integrate all areas of fitness in a way that considers and values the whole body.
  • New and Fun – People who have never exercised regularly in the past are now doing GPP at the Salt Lake club because it is so much fun!
  • Daily Exercise Plan Listed on Web Site Every Night – You can see the particular program that will be offered the night before your workout and you can do a version of the program if you are on the road.

GPP is structured in the following ways:

  • Free – All classes are free of charge to members
  • Short – Classes are 30-40 minutes long
  • Many Choices – Classes are offered several times a day Monday-Friday and twice on Saturdays
  • Consistency – All classes have the same exercise program all day long.
  • Cross Training – Every day has a different exercise program that is part of an integrated and comprehensive weekly program.
  • Human Powered Cardio Equipment – The rowing machines, Keiser bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills used for GPP are all human-powered which makes for a fun and balanced workout.
  • Part of Group Ex Schedule – GPP classes are listed on the Group Exercise Program
  • Trained by Neil – All GPP trainers are trained by GPP founder Neil Anderson.
  • Program Available the Night Before – Exercise plan for next day is listed on web site the night before