Summer Camp FAQs

Summer Camp FAQs

Children get to choose what they want to do.  (More swimming, basketball, tennis, additional snacks etc).  The children are supervised by an adult counselor who has had their background check.

Fruit or veggie, granola bar, carb, one sweet treat. (We are very stingy on sweet treats, for instance all campers get ONE piece of red licorice, or ONE small laffy taffy), refill water bottles.


Meat and cheese sandwiches, with choice of 3 different breads ie:  White, wheat or multi grain (Everyday a different meat ie:  Roast beef, chicken, turkey, ham and a club sandwich on Friday)

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches on Tuesday and Thursday with a choice of 3 different types of breads (see above)

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We rotate the Jams &  jellies:  Grape, Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry.  They also get the choice between 3 different types of bread.  (See above).

Fresh Fruit, veggie, carb, sweet treat.

YES on everything but the sweet treat.

Yes, but if it has to cook, and they are already busy, that’s not a good idea.  So I tell them they have to order first thing when they get to the cafe.  Can they buy sweet treats from the cafe?  Yes…but they can’t eat it until after camp.  (Our sweet treat policy).

You will need to pack your child’s food for the day.

Let us know on the registration form.  We will make sure all non-swimmers are with an adult counselor with a 3-1 ratio on the stairs and landing where they can touch.

Yes, but they will still need to be under the close supervision of an adult with the 3-1 ratio.

The counselors will apply the spray sunscreen at 1:00 pm and again at 1:55 pm.  If you would like a special type of sunscreen to be put on your child, put it in your bag.  Spray sunscreens are what we prefer.  Your child can spray their own sunscreen, but a counselor needs to watch to ensure they actually put it on and get all their skin covered.

We have lifeguards on duty.  Camp counselors are in the water with the campers.  If a child needs to leave the pool, his/her coach will wave down the Camp Manager who is walking around the pool constantly and will take the child to the restroom, etc so the rest of the class and counselor can stay in the water.

Campers and the counselor have color-coded bracelets they wear in the water for identification.

Contact Jackie Parker, the camp director, and she will make the appropriate arrangements for you.

Please don’t bring your child to camp if they are sick.  If they do get covid, We can work with you if you show us a doctor note.  We can either refund or reschedule if there is room.

That is fine, but we need two weeks notice, so we have a chance to fill the spot.  All changes will cost $25.  (Medical exceptions with Doctors notes are considered)

If you cancel with less than a 2 week notice you will not get a refund. (Medical exceptions with Doctors note).   If you need to cancel, with 2+ weeks notice, you will get a refund minus the $25. fee.

Yes!  Absolutely!  But when they check-in in front of the club, we ask them to call their parents to let them know they arrived safely.  Before they go home, we ask them to call their parents again to let them know they are leaving camp and exactly what time it is.  BOTH of the phone calls need to be in front of a counselor in case there are any questions. If your child doesn’t have a phone they may use an adult counselor’s phone.

Yes, absolutely.  Just mark it with your name.  The most common piece of equipment to bring is a baseball mitt.

Daily.  We use a mild sanitizer.

•  When they get to camp Before they join the pre-activity

•  Before AM snack

•  After the tennis lesson, they are offered hand sanitizer

•  Before lunch.

•  ALWAYS after they use the restroom.

•  Hand sanitizer is always available and nearby.

Camp Director:  Jackie Parker, Retired Elementary PE teacher of 20 years.  Current tennis pro.  “I created this camp based on what I liked and didn’t like when my own children went to camps!”  I”m passionate about teaching children to do the skill correctly the first time!!

Morning and Afternoon Managers:  Are adults who have worked with Jackie for years.  They are responsible, caring, and very good with children and adults.  I trust them with my own grandchildren!

PE TEACHERS:  They are mostly peers that I worked with!  I hand pick the best teachers to come work for me!

Adult Counselors:  Are 18 years or older.  They generally have children who also work in the camp, or they are in college seeking a degree working with children.  They can help children who are struggling with a skill by being their partner and slowing the drill down for them.

ALL ADULTS 18+ have passed a background check.

Junior Counselors:  Are 14-18 years old.  These are generally very athletic children who LOVED Elementary PE!  Most of them are on school athletic teams, cheerleaders, in student government etc.  Junior counselors will be playing alongside your children.  They can help children who are so good, by challenging them while being their partners.

Counselors in Training:  Children that are 13.  This is a volunteer position.  Many campers transition into counselors in training, then junior counselors the next year.