ROG Tournament

Nextgen Green Tournament!

July 7th, 21st, and August 4th! Sign up at the front desk now! For ROG HP Class participants.

Kids who have participated in our past ROG Tournaments.

July 7th, 21st and August 4th.

Play starts at 6pm.

Call the front desk to sign up. All entries must be paid ahead of time.

  • The tournaments are in a round-robin format. So everyone gets to play everyone (except nextgen green).
  • There will be coaches on the court to help the kids with understanding scores, point construction, and even some technique to help each of the kids succeed.
  • Pizza is usually supplied and everyone gets a dampener or overgrip just for signing up.
  • All the tournaments are for the HP classes so Red HP would be 5-7 Orange HP is 7-9 and Green HP is 10-12 with some exclusions due to size or skill level.

Curated by tennis pro, Will Goble. If you need any information about the tournament or the ROG programs, email Will.