Dave Todoroff


P.T.R. Certified. David has been passionate about teaching an playing tennis for over 40 years. As a player, David has numerous singles and doubles titles to his credit, while also working as Tennis Director and Head Pro at several tennis clubs in the North East. David has coached at the collegiate level, and co-owned a Junior Excellence Academy in Buffalo, NY, that produced an abundance of nationally ranked students. David is also a professional saxophonist. Inventor of the award winning Allball and author of the book: The Tao of Tennis.

“From the very beginning, I’ve had a deep devotion for playing and teaching the sport of tennis. My belief is that since no two people are alike, mastering the teaching profession requires a strong knowledge of technique, coupled with flexible methods of communication. Growth is my goal for everyone I’m involved with, in however that manifests. Never personally critical, always compassionate.

I teach because I love to.”

- David Todoroff