Neil Anderson


Noted for creating some of the finest, strongest and most injury-free bodies in the biz, Neil is one of the most sought after fitness experts in the nation.  His innovative methods and techniques have been featured world-wide in every form of media.

Neil is a highly successful 20 year veteran personal trainer.  He figures (conservatively) that he has personally conducted over 50,000 one-on-one personal training sessions.  This does not count the thousands of people he has trained in groups.  During this time he achieved a degree in Exercise Science from Utah State University and has attained more than 13 professional certifications.  He is the official team trainer for the Utah Jazz Dancers, University of Utah Dancers and Utah Blaze Dancers.  He credits his years of medical training (physical therapy and cardiac rehab) for his unique understanding of the human body.

Neil’s nationally registered and trademarked GPP Fitness concept has helped thousands of people world-wide improve their health, their fitness and their lifestyle.