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STARS Tennis Program

STARs  is designed for children of all skill levels ages 4-12 using Red, Orange & Green balls.  STARs  follows the USTA 12 & Under Program protocols. There is a Star class designed exactly for your aspiring young tennis player(s) whether a first-time beginner or competing in USTA tournaments. With the softer balls, shorter courts, and smaller racquets young people learn to play and enjoy tennis immediately. The outstanding success of the program that has been developed will be continued this winter–one session will make a huge difference and be a ton of fun!

Stars – Little, Silver, and Gold

These programs are for children ages 4-12 and are the first introduction to tennis. Your child will be put into the appropriate program based on their skill level. These programs are developed to create a basic understanding of the fundamentals of tennis by using fun skills challenges and games to keep the children engaged and having fun.


These programs are also for children ages 4-12 but are for those children who are at a more advanced skill level. These classes are to develop a better understanding of the game of tennis, strategies and more advanced skill challenges. Children may only register for the Futures class by invitation only.



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