Steffany Coates

Personal Trainer

Steffany Coates


1. Bachelor Degree in Health Promotion & Education
3. Precision Nutrition Level 1


Basketball 2001-2005
3x NPC competitor in figure and bikini
2x Highland Games competitor
2018 Highland Games state record holder for weight over bar

Fitness Journeys take us down some tough and winding roads. For me, the gym has been my sanctuary, therapy, greatest friend, and worst enemy all wrapped into one. Through challenging myself at the gym, I permit the possibility of failure by embracing its inevitability. Failure holds the promise of transcendence, but to transcend I have to keep moving. As a trainer, a fellow gym goer, and friend I want you to keep moving too. We all face moments of self doubt, but by working together we tackle these, recover, learn, grow, and surpass the limits we set for ourselves. At Salt Lake Tennis and Health club I continually approach training and fitness as a lifestyle, not a labor. As a trainer I help my clients establish goals, and continually encourage them to visualize themselves achieving them. The lessons that await us in our fitness journeys are vast and varied. Whatever they are-I Invite you to train with me so we can both keep moving.