Thank You Darin Zwick and Zwick Construction


I am proud to say that I have been a life-long friend of Craig Zwick.  Since purchasing the club in 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to become a friend and business partner with his son Darin Zwick.   Darin, Craig, and the Zwick Construction Team designed and built our Club that is now the premier health club in Utah with everything highly functional, light and bright, and beyond beautiful.


Since the day we temporarily closed our club under the leadership of our General Manager, Karen Sato, the Management Team has been researching and studying what our club will look like with the new normal way of doing business in preparation for when we are re-open for business.  As we all know, the re-opening of our economy is dependent upon ensuring the safety and prevention of the coronavirus is our number one concern.  The re-opening of businesses will be a process with Phases as outlined by the Governor and the President with health clubs being in Phase One.  At the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club, we are re-opening our business in Stages.


With the approval of the Salt Lake Board of Health Stage One of the re-opening for business will be offering our members in good standing playing privileges on our eight outdoor courts. (more on these stages later in this email) The problem we were faced with, was how do we take the air structure down in a way that is safe in terms of social distancing?  We turned to Darin and his team and asked if they could give us suggestions as to how we should proceed. Zwick jumped in immediately and offered to take down our air structure at a very fair price and to do it asap.

Viola!  Yesterday, a week after we asked for help, Darin, his sons, Ryan the Zwick construction supervisor for our club, even Ben, their architect, and a team of skilled and strong men kicked some major booty!   With extraordinary direction and a lot of muscle from Jesus, our Maintenance Manager, along with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from the Zwick Team, the air structure is down, rolled up, and put away safely and in record time!  Our outdoor tennis courts are eagerly awaiting our members to have fun playing tennis.   


A mountain of gratitude to Darin and the team of Zwick Construction!

Enjoy this short video that captured the Zwick team removing our air structure.