2021 Swimming & Diving Programs

2021 Swimming & Diving Programs

Swim & Dive Team Parent Meeting Thursday, April 15, 2021

Join us on April 15, 7 pm at the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club for the swim and dive team parent meeting. 

The swim and dive team is for kids ages 5-17. Swim Team invites swimmers of all ability levels, from beginner through elite. It is designed to condition young swimmers, teach and refine stroke techniques, prepare swimmers, and provide opportunities for competition, as well as build character in young athletes. Success is measured by individual improvement, stroke and skill development, speed, enjoyment of the sport, and achievement of a swimmer’s personal goals. The swim team is organized into three sections to provide for participation congruent with a swimmer’s age, level of interest, ability, and technical level.

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Group lessons for swimming or diving

Group Lessons are one-week structured learning environments, with limited enrollment size. Each class aims to group individuals of similar ability and maturity. Class instructors endeavor to engage all the students while ensuring that each and every individual makes progress toward the class objectives.

Space is limited for these summer lesson programs.

Members can sign up starting on April 16, 2021

Non-Members can sign up starting on April 26, 2021