Cardio Intervals

Cardio Intervals

April 25, 2020

Daily Home Workout

Warm-up: 1-3 rounds

10 burpees
1 min rest

Workout: 3-5 intervals (see demo below for details)

Begin an interval only after you’ve maintained speed/resistance of your activity at 6/10 for at least 1 min.

Increase speed/resistance until you’ve reached 7.5-8/10

Recover at previous speed/resistance until you are back to 6/10.

Maintain 6/10 for, at least, 1 min before doing another interval.


3-5 min using partner straddle stretch or partner straddle stretch alt.

Workout Notes:

Planning to do that “scheduled gym time” thing again. Begins Monday. May the 4th (be with you)! Will have a schedule up the preceding Sunday eve. SO DAMN EXCITED!

Still doing the Zooms for the foreseeable future.

I hope you’ll try that new stretch!

Also, please spread these workouts around. They are FREE and they’ll help folks. Folks need them (and each other) now more than ever. It’s not lost on me that, I too, am a “folk.” :).

Have a nice weekend. Get out and USE YOUR FITNESS! When you do, if you stumble onto someplace interesting … with interesting people … take a pic. Send it to us. We’d love to feature you here on the site.