May 22, 2023 Club News

Parking Lot Guide

Please review our guidelines and traffic flow map. We have created this to help traffic move smoothly and to reduce congestion for all our members and guests.

During the busiest times of the day, members and guests are dropping off or picking up children attending one of our many summer programs. Our goal during these times, is to have the drop-off and pickup process move as quickly and smoothly as possible. Please look over this guide. If we all follow the flow of traffic, do not park in the no parking areas, and are courteous to other drivers, we can make these busy times as pleasant as possible.

Parking Lot Map

Please use this map as a guide for the flow of traffic and no-parking zones.

Parking lot safety and traffic guidelines

#1 Rule – Be Nice

Everyone has the same goal and wants to get parked, drop off, or pick up as quickly as possible. Please be courteous to others and follow the guidelines.

Follow the Signs

If you are picking up or dropping off turn right after the stop sign, keeping to the far right, allowing thru traffic to pass on your left. If you are parking or want to make a quick exit, turn left and follow the flow around to the exit. DO NOT drive against the flow of traffic.


Refer to the NO PARKING zones on the map. When people park in these zones, it blocks traffic and can hinder cars parked on the West side of the lot from getting out of their parking space. We will be enforcing these no-parking areas and towing those who park there.

We will especially be policing the no-parking zone on the west side of the medians at the far west of the parking lot. Cars parked here create a lot of congestion for traffic, and make it very difficult for the cars parked in the spots on the far end of the lot to get out of their spaces. You are essentially blocking those cars in, so please do not park there. See the photo below:

Obey the Stop Sign and Watch Out For Kids

During the summer and busiest times of the year, there are many kids crossing at the crosswalk who are sometimes moving fast and can not see cars over the tennis court barrier, meaning that drivers can not see them either. So it is up to YOU to STOP, advance slowly and make sure nobody is crossing.

Do NOT Leave Anything of Value in Your Vehicle!

There have been many break-ins, especially at busy times. Thieves target items they can view through the window, so do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle. The Salt Lake Tennis & Health Club is not responsible for any stolen items.

Thanks for your cooperation. We understand that there is limited parking and we are working on expanded parking solutions for the future. – Salt Lake Tennis & Health Club Management