Salt Lake Tennis & Health Expansion

On January 1, 2017 our club changed its name to the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club in anticipation of the imminent opening of our new health club facilities that will include the following:

  • GPP Fitness Training
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Mind/Body Classes
  • State of the Art Cardio and Strength Equipment
  • Two new viewing areas on the first and second floors overlooking courts #13-18.  These areas will have floor-to-ceiling glass and will be heated and air-conditioned!
  • Small basketball court and community room
  • Turf area for soccer and sports for children 3-13.

The health and fitness programs at the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club will be second to none and will support every member in becoming healthier and happier every day!   The essential difference in our health club will not only be the beautiful and elegant facilities and equipment, but even more important the programs and staff that will make it easier for you to set and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Neil Anderson, our fitness director, and Amy Wieloch, our Group Exercise and Mind/Body Director are extraordinary leaders. They are creating programs that will inspire and teach you how to have fun, get healthy, and make friends!

Neil Anderson, Fitness Director

Neil Anderson has accepted the position of Fitness Director.  Neil is a highly successful 23-year veteran personal trainer. He has a degree in Exercise Science from Utah State University and has attained more than 13 professional certifications.  He credits his years of medical training (physical therapy and cardiac rehab) for his unique understanding of the human body. Neil’s nationally registered and trademarked GPP Fitness concept has helped thousands of people nation-wide improve their health, their fitness and their lifestyle.  Neil has already made a big positive impression on the tournament juniors in our Tennis Academy, and when you take one of his classes you’ll know why!

Amy Wieloch, Group Exercise and Mind/Body Director

Amy Wieloch has accepted the position of Group Exercise and Mind/Body Director.  Amy grew up at our club.  She discovered the job opening while her family enjoyed being members at our summer club last summer.   She brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our club and has taught group exercise and mind/body classes for over 15 Years.  Amy has also served as the Director of Group Exercise and Mind Body programs at other clubs in Salt Lake and New York.  Amy’s sincere commitment to the health and well-being of the mind, body, and spirit of her clients and instructors has enabled her to assemble one of the finest group of health club instructors in the state of Utah.


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