Swim & Dive Team Parents

Fellow Parents of Swim and Dive Team Members:
To truly succeed . . . the Salt Lake Swimming & Tennis Club Swim and Dive teams need your involvement.

Coach Matt Hayes shares his vision for our Aquatics program with our community, and we want to share with you what we heard him express. Coach Hayes believes:

  1. Coaches help us as parents build and grow children who are confident in themselves.
  2. Team coaches are developing skills in our children they can use throughout their lives.
  3. Our swim and dive teams, like the Salt Lake Swimming & Tennis Club, should always be a place where children feel welcome and safe, and a place where they can meet and enjoy friends.
  4. Swimming and diving are integral to the Club, not just a summer program.
  5. Organizations best succeed when everyone has a chance to participate.

As parents, we know our children will benefit from their athletic, collegiate, and competitive training and experiences.

For parents . . . ways you can help our Swim & Dive Teams

Committee volunteers with the Tennis Club Swim & Dive Team are responsible for the experience and events that shape us as children and parents. These events and responsibilities are outlined below. What cannot be explained is the deep and sincere gratitude felt for you and your service from the club coaches, management, parents, and children.  Thank you for your time and energy!

Volunteer Committees

  • Aquatics Booster Club Coordinator
  • Meet Results Coordinator
  • Computer Specialist Coordinator
  • Diving Team Liaison
  • Timing Coordinator
  • Awards Banquet Committee
  • Team Breakfast Coordinator
  • Conference “After” Party Coordinator
  • Team Photography  DVD/CD Coordinator
  • Trophies and Awards Coordinator


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