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Updated Mask Rules

Modifications to OurFace-Covering Policies and Procedures for Club Members

Modifications to our mask-wearing policies

The Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club has provided a safe and healthy environment for working out and playing tennis at our Club since we re-opened in May.  At that time we hired a Safety Consultant, Dennis Keith, who has worked with the Management Team to ensure our Club is complying with all government regulations, meeting the standards as prescribed by the National Center for Disease Control, and instituting best practices for our industry.  We establish our safety protocols and then evaluate if they are accomplishing our objectives of safety and health as well as offering programs, exercise routines, and facilities that make working out healthy and enjoyable. 

Below are the updated policies effective as of January 12, 2021. If you have any questions please feel free to speak with Karen or Jason.

We appreciate your support and patience as we all work together to create a safe, healthy, and fun Club that meets the health and wellness needs of our members and community.

With appreciation,
Karen and Jason

Our policies for face-coverings are important protocols that we expect of our members and guests. We also encourage everyone to wear face coverings whenever in public places and with people whom you do not live with. 

We are asking you to follow these regulations for your safety, and the safety of others at the club. Your cooperation is essential for us to continue operating in the safest way possible, so we may stay open for everyone’s benefit. 

Our updated regulations regarding face coverings are outlined below. The REQUIRED regulations are mandatory rules currently in place which members and guests must follow to continue using the Club. The RECOMMENDED policies are not mandatory, but we advise everyone to adhere to these safety measures as much as you possibly can.


The Club requires that everyone keep six feet or more away from people even when wearing a face-covering

Face coverings are required to be worn during most times you are approaching or in the club:

  • From the moment you leave your car until you check-in at the Welcome Desk.
  • From the Welcome Desk to the location of your workout–tennis, fitness, group exercise, cafe, pool, etc.  
  • To the locker rooms, while in the locker rooms (except when showering), and when leaving the locker rooms. 
  • When walking around in the first and second-floor fitness area. 
  • When on the turf area 
  • When watching tennis or in the cafe.
  • When playing doubles and taking group tennis lessons.

Face coverings are strongly recommended (but not required) in the following activities or situations:

  • Group exercise classes
  • Singles tennis play and private and semi-private lessons
  • When doing individual or small group training in the fitness areas or the new Performance Lab. 
  • When working out strenuously on cardio machines.
  • A person has a medical condition that prevents safely wearing a face covering.

Safe Social Distancing Even While Wearing Face Coverings is Mandatory

Our club is a wonderful place to work out, exercise, and recreate. It is a community where people develop friendships through fun and social interactions. Unfortunately with the pandemic, we have been forced to dramatically limit social interactions and to keep safe social distancing.  

The Club requires that everyone keep six feet or more away from people even when wearing a face-covering.

The basic policy of our Club is that during the pandemic we cannot be a place where people congregate or socialize. It’s basically walk in the door, get your workout, and then leave.  

When at the front desk please keep your conversation short and keep as close to 6 feet as possible.

When playing tennis, socializing/talking less than six feet apart is not allowed.  If you are in a tennis viewing area, please stay six feet apart at all times.

Other Safety Policies

All members, guests, and staff are required to take their temperature when entering the club.

No one may enter the club if they have the following symptoms:

Should a member, guest, or staff test positive, they are not allowed back to the club until the recommended quarantine period has been fulfilled including showing no symptoms whatsoever.

The Club would like to take this opportunity to correct any misinformation you may have come across in recent days. The Club would like to reconfirm the comprehensive programs and actions we have taken during this pandemic. Management and staff have taken extraordinary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety while at the club. Management has employed the services of a professional health expert to advise, train, and implement the best safety practices, while still maintaining a workable and pleasurable environment. The Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club is a healthy and safe place to work out and exercise.

If you have any concerns, suggestions, or questions, please contact:

Director of Tennis
Jason Weir-Smith
General Manager
Karen Sato
(801) 487-3206